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When my mother-in-law told me she needed a new roof on her tri-plex.. she said she wanted to buy "the best". I was reluctant at first (due to the cost).. but DLD's sales propaganda and their "honest" salesman assured my 80yr old mother-in-law and I, that they were the roofing professionals, and that they would select the best possible product for her roof and that it had a 50year warranty .. so.. she had her asphalt shingle roof replaced with a metal roof system from DLD.

Late last year, her neighbor commented that it looked like her roof was changing color.. "looks like it's rusting or something". I contacted DLD and asked them what they thought may be happening. Their comment: "maybe it was just sand or something from a local construction site" (I explained there weren't any in my area). I asked if they could stop by and take a look at it. I was told that since the weather was getting cold, and since we had a light dusting of snow.. that they would come in the spring. She took my info, but they never called. I waited until mid May 2014 and then finally called them back. I was told that a roofing "specialist" would take a look. He did, and then called me the next day.. That was when I was told that the product they used was failing and that the coating was coming off. They said that for a small fee (north of $1000) they could "spray it". I asked if just painting it would be good enough for the remaining 40+ years? I was told.. it's hard to say. I then asked why would we spray the roof rather than just replace the failing product. They said they could do that ..but it would cost quite a bit more. I said I was assuming it would be done under warranty. I was then told that I should call the office and speak with the manager. (another clue that I was in for trouble). When I called.. I was told that the company that produced the shingles (Dura Loc) had gone bankrupt and that the 50yr warranty, would not be honored. I said I didn't understand how that was possible since I had just driven buy the Dura Loc facility in Courtland Ont. (just up the road from DLD) a couple of weeks earlier and it was still there and looked to be very much still in business. I was then told that yes.. it was still there.. but was now owned by new people who are not responsible for the older warranties. I explained that I bought the very expensive roof system from DLD and while I was sympathetic to their issue with the manufacturer.. I still expected DLD to warrant the product (since it was DLD that took my almost $12,000).

I was told that they were not obligated to warrant the product since it was a manufacturers warranty but that they would help (a little) with the cost of the repair. Needless to say .. I was not happy with the explanation.. and am certainly in no hurry to give them any more money.

I communicated with them politely and professionally for 2 more emails and was told that they would not be replacing or repairing the roof under warranty.

So .. if you choose them to do your roof.. I wish you luck and hope that you actually have a warranty when it is needed.

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I had the same problem .I think your your talking about Dura Locs ceramic coated panels.With the expansion and contraction of metal this coating will come off over time and no leaks but looks like *** They gave me the same BS and was ready for to take them to court and let the judge hear there scam. They backed down and replaced the whole roof plus the flashing.Turns out they cut more air vents in the soffits for more circulation which they say was the problem.We will see how long this roof lasts from DLD

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